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Image by Susan Duran

Happiness is new glasses...

Best Women Eyeglasses

Why Choose Us?

Unique & Creative Styles

We are NOT owned by any frame manufacturer, so we are free to buy from a wide variety of independent frame manufacturers worldwide, so we have styles you will not find at other places.

We have a wide & unique collection of frames to ensure you wear something special and different in the town.

Value for money

We provide quality eyeglass frames and advanced lens options at most affordable prices elsewhere.

A complete pair of prescription glasses at our store will typically cost 30%-50% less than glasses at other traditional optical stores.

Dedicated personal attention

Unlike at traditional optical stores where you are left unattended, browsing through the displays trying to figure out the eyewear you need, we provide you with a personal one-on-one shopping experience from start to finish.

Take the stress out of shopping for glasses. Let us do the work for you!

Transparent pricing

Our prices are open to see, easy to understand, categorized as "good, better, best" and considerably less than traditional retailers with no gimmicks or surprise charges.

Shopping Experience

Eyewear shopping need not be in a hospital like setting, instead it can be as delightful as our store.

We understand how exhausting can the eyewear shopping be and keeping that in mind, we create the most fun, relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience. 

Not your average boutique optical!

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