Eyewear is not a luxury, but a basic need and necessity for one who needs vision correction and a simple pair of eyeglasses must not be as expensive as they are in the market today.

With a mission to make quality eyewear available for everyone at affordable prices, we opened our first store in Grand Rapids in 2021.

We begin with your prescription to help you find the in-fashion, trendy, stylish and quality eyeglasses that shall fit your needs, but won't break the bank.


The Founder & Owner is an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology.

Her expertise, makes us be technologically advanced by adapting the latest cutting edge technologies in the industry and remain competitive in the market.

She is a proud mother of a toddler girl!


The Store Manager is knowledgeable and brings along years of experience and is always happy to assist you in finding the best frame and lenses for your needs!


She is a very kind & happy soul and her smile makes everything around look prettier.