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Below are the answers to the list of questions that we frequently receive, please feel free to submit a new one here.

Have Questions?

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Don't I have to buy glasses from my eye care professional?

No, you don’t have to buy glasses from your eye care professional. You have a right to go and find the style (for glasses) and price that work for you somewhere else, in person or online. Having a copy of your prescription lets you do that.


How can I get my prescription from my eye doctor?

Your eye care professional has to give you a copy of your prescription — whether you ask for it or not, after you get an eye exam. It’s the law.


Do I need to pay for getting my prescription from my eye doctor?

No, you shouldn't be paying anything other than the exam fee to get your prescription. To get your prescription, know that your eye care professional can’t make you pay an extra fee or may not say you have to buy eyeglasses from them or can’t tell you to sign a waiver or release.


Is it legal for my doctor to give my prescription to your business?

HIPAA doesn’t stop an eye care professional from giving out your prescription. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, protects your medical privacy. But your eye care professional can give your prescription to you or to a business that has your permission to get it.


Where can I park around the store?

Paid parking is available on Diamond Ave SE, Lake Dr SE and Cherry St SE. 

You may find a free parking spot on Paddock Ave, for a short walk.

On Saturdays, parking is FREE on any street.


Do you accept vision insurance (VSP, or EyeMed, or Medicaid etc.)? 

We provide a detailed itemized receipt for your purchase that can be submitted to your insurance carrier for an out of network claim reimbursement (if allowed by your plan).


We are considered an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans, we do not participate with insurances.


When you do not accept my vision insurance, why should I buy from you?

Accepting insurance and affordable pricing are two different aspects which most people do not evaluate independently.

For example, if your out of pocket costs for your eyeglasses at your doctor's office or any other optical retail store or an online store that accepts your vision insurance is $XXX.XX, and if the similar purchase at our store saves you some money, then you are losing out on your money from not buying from us, just because we cannot accept your insurance. 


Also, don't forget to add the premium dollars you have been paying for the entire year to your out of pocket costs.


Why would my purchase at your store be less expensive than at my doctor's office?A complete pair of prescription glasses at our store will typically cost 30%-50% less than glasses at other traditional optical stores.


We don't have doctors, medical staff or expensive exam equipment that actually makes the eyeglasses so expensive at other stores. Thus, we can provide quality eyeglass frames and advanced lens options at most affordable prices elsewhere.


Why don't you accept insurances?

Not participating with insurances enables us to choose the lens options and frames that will best fit your optical needs on budget.


You will not be limited to frame choices or lens design that will only be covered within your insurance benefits.


Do you accept HSA and FSA plans?


We accept all HSA and FSA plans. You can use Flex Plan or HSA money to purchase prescription eyewear or Rx-able frames. Debit cards issued with these plans work perfectly fine.


Can I reimburse my purchase from my insurance?

Want your insurance to chip in for your eyewear? We will provide a detailed itemized receipt for your purchase that can be submitted to your insurance carrier for an out of network claim reimbursement. Have forms that need to be filled out?  We would be happy to help, just let us know!


How much will my insurance pay for an out-of-network claim?

If your insurance plan provides out of network benefits then, you should be able to reimburse up to the allowed amount for the purchase made at Visionity Optical.


To find out your out-of-network benefits, please contact your insurance provider. Some insurances do reimburse for an out-of-network claim, but this will vary depending on the insurance plan and the individual policy.


Can I buy frames from you and get my lenses made elsewhere?

You can just buy a frame of your choice at Visionity and get your lenses made somewhere else.


Can I bring my frames and get the lenses made?

You are more than welcome to use your own frame and have us update your lenses with your prescription.


Should you choose to do this and the frame is damaged during the manufacturing of your lenses, we are unable to replace the frame for you. 


We will be as careful as possible, but Visionity Optical is not responsible for any damage that may occur. This includes, but is not limited to scratches, chips, warping, or breakage.


Why don't you sell brands that are available at other stores?

We are NOT owned by any frame manufacturer, so we are free to buy from a wide variety of smaller, independent frame manufacturers worldwide, so we have brands that you may not find at other places.


We work with unique and lesser known manufacturers to be able to provide you with affordable quality eyewear. All our frames come with one year manufacturer's warranty.

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