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Our lenses warranty

"No Questions Asked" Lens Replacement.

​​We understand how easy it is to scratch or damage prescription lenses and how frustrating this can be. So, at Visionity we've got you covered.

​​For all lenses purchased, we offer lens protection for just $35. This coverage allows you to replace your lenses "no questions asked" and at no charge up to 3 times (max) for 1 year from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover lost lenses*. Lens replacement must be used on the same Rx and same frame as the original lenses*.

Accurate lenses for your prescription
We partner with one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced lens labs in the country to custom make your  prescription lenses.
We can make prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for and offer all types of lenses including Single vision, Progressive, Bifocal, Trifocal, Polycarbonate, High-index, Polarized, Photo-chromatic, and others.
We prefer making all our lenses from polycar
bonate material which is safer than glass, thinner and more scratch resistant than plastic, and provides UV protection. 
We offer all industry leading products and lens options.

Digital Eye wear Measurements
We do Digital Eyewear Measurements and can produce accurate glasses for your prescription.
Our technologically advanced processes empowers us to dispense eyeglas
ses with minimum human contact ensuring social distancing is followed. 

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