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Insured or uninsured, you may save money!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Often we get a question "When you do not accept my vision insurance, why should I buy from you?"

Accepting insurance and affordable pricing are two different aspects which most people do not evaluate independently. When an optical store accepts insurances, it has to abide by the price point that the insurance companies would agree to and this makes it difficult for pricing eyewear at reasonable prices.

One needs to do that math for buying their glasses with insurance or without insurance. For example, if your out of pocket costs for your eyeglasses at your doctor's office or any other optical retail store or an online store that accepts your vision insurance is $XXX.XX, and if the similar purchase at our store saves you some money, then you are losing out on your money from not buying from us, just because we cannot accept your insurance. Also, don't forget to add the premium dollars you have been paying your insurance company for the entire year to your out of pocket costs.

Not participating with insurances enables us to choose the lens options and frames that will best fit your optical needs on budget and at our store you will not be limited to frame choices or lens design that will only be covered within your insurance benefits.

You can use your insurance for a purchase made at our store by submitting a claim reimbursement. We will provide a detailed itemized receipt for your purchase that can be submitted to your insurance carrier for an out of network claim reimbursement. Some insurances do reimburse for an out-of-network claim and you should be able to reimburse up to the allowed amount, but this will vary depending on the insurance plan and the individual policy.

Also, It is not necessary that everyone can afford having vision insurance and that doesn't mean that they should be paying unreasonable price for buying regular vision correction eyewear. For uninsured, at traditional optical stores, pricing is steeply expensive and this is where we can be the best option to check out.

A complete pair of prescription glasses at our store will typically cost 30%-50% less than glasses at other traditional optical stores. Our prices are open to see, easy to understand, categorized as "good, better, best" and considerably less than traditional retailers with no gimmicks or surprise charges. Visionity is the place to go if you don't have the vision insurance.

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