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The name game!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

There are a very few words such as eyes, sight, vision and optic that an optical store can choose as a business name or part of the business name. And there are numerous optical stores across the globe that have chosen almost all possibilities from these words and combinations that go along with these words and coming up with a new and unique name is always difficult.

It was no different for us to make a decision when we started to think of a business name and we didn't wanted it to be an ordinary one and after discussing multiple options, we decided to name ourselves as Visionity. It is a combination of words Vision and Affordability, as we strongly believe that vision should be affordable and our mission is to make eyewear affordable for all.

A new name is always not easy to go with and we have got enough feedback, both positive and negative, but we are happy that it is mostly positive.

We received comments that it is such a difficult name to read, pronounce or remember and at the same time, others have appreciated it's creativity and uniqueness.

What's in a name? Anyhow, we would like to standby our name choice and more than the name, we would like to standby the thought behind it. On a lighter note, we sell "frames", not "names".

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